Our Story

Hi. I'm Roy Swanson, the eMarketing Guru.

It took a few years to become a guru.  I actually began working in eCommerce at the dawn of the Internet Age, when we were still using dial-up modems.  Even then, I knew that the Net would "change everything", and I followed the path of a true "early adopter" and pioneer.

I had been working in magazine publishing, and my first project was to  take The Taunton Press, Inc. online.  Only 2 things were working with any success back in 1996, selling computers and books.  When I found out that a little company with a big name, Amazon, had sold over $50,000 worth of books, I decided we could do the same.  And so, I opened the Taunton.com bookstore, which proved to be very successful.

Next, I moved on to lead the launch of RD.com, the uber Web site for The Readers Digest, Inc.  This huge site draws content from the entire catalog of RD content, including magazines, books, videos, music, games, and more.  At the time, Readers Digest has the largest consumer database of any company in the world, roughly 70 million.  I learned all about Big Data -- and how to use it for marketing years before it became mainstream.

My next project was even more exciting -- to build and online division for Cornell University (my alma mater).  eCornell, Inc., which we launched in 2001, has become extremely successful, offering over a hundred courses to tens of thousands of working professionals globally.

At that point, I decided to work independently, helping entrepreneurs use the Internet to build their businesses.  It's all about using professional, big company disciplines in ways that a small company can manage (and afford).  The landscape has changed dramatically in the 20 years since the eCommerce era began.  The notion that you can just "get lucky" with a novel idea that "goes viral" is still a very popular dream -- but it's a 1-in-a-billion shot.

On the other hand, the Internet is now 100% ingrained in every aspect of our culture. It is unquestionably the most cost-effective way to market a small business.  It's just a question of doing the right things -- and not falling prey to the hundreds of "get-rich-quick" schemes promoted by so many unscrupulous vendors.

Thanks to quite a few years of actually building real, successful online operations, we know what works.  And we can put it all in place for you.  At a price you can afford.  Give us a call today. 1-818-866-8301