Web Sites

We fix Web sites.  Everything from old-school HTML to the latest WordPress.  We also work on most eCommerce platforms, including YahooStore.


If you're reading this, you have finally acknowledged that the "do-it-yourself" site builders give you a site that looks like ...  you actually did do it yourself. Unprofessional.  We'll bring your site up to current user expectations.


We fix email.  Email is the #1 driver of sales.  It's been that way for years and shows no sign of changing.


What has changed is the volume of email we all receive.  That's why your email needs to be better than the rest to have any chance of working for you.  Ours are better.

Social Media

Too many entrepreneurs spend too much time, money & effort on Social Media.  The problem is the "hype" -- the myth that your product or service will "go viral".  Viral success on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube is a "one-in-trillion" shot.

Let's be adults about "social".  There's no "free lunch" when it comes to building your brand on Social Media. Here again, we know what works.  And there are plenty of things to do with it. We'll show you how to use Social Media in ways that are smart, effective & practical.


We Get the Details Right

It's often said that eCommerce is a game of pennies.  And it is. That's because it's all about the details that non-experts don't see.


But these details can be measured.   Things like how many people "bounce" off your home page.  Or how many people open your emails. And what can be measured can be improved.  If this week is a "4", we'll make next week a "5".  And it doesn't take long to get everything at peak performance.

We Get Your Big Picture Right

Before you can get your design and copy fixed, you've got to get your big picture sharp & crystal clear.  What do you do? Who do you do it for? How do you get paid?


It's called Branding.  And it's what all business is about.  Once we get your branding clear, things like design, copy, and all the rest fall into place. Because they all must work to reinforce your brand!