Copy Is King!

Many people talk about the "call to action".  Three simple words that say a lot.

Do you want someone to make a click?  Fill out a "inquiry form".  Buy your product or service?

Then you need to "call" them to "take the action" you desire.  You have to convince them to take the next step. And the next. And the next.  And online, the only tool we have for this is language.  Words have power.

What Is Good Copy?

Like Effective Design, the only good copy is Effective Copy. That gets the job done.  That gets people to "take action."  There are a few simple characteristics you'll see in all Effective Copy.

    • Clear
      Effective Copy is always clear.  There's no ambiguity. It conveys the same meaning to all readers. Which means things like sarcasm & insider jargon don't cut it.
    • Concise
      There is ongoing pressure for copy to be brief.  The pace of daily life keeps increasing, and no one has time to read like they used to.  Which is why you'll see we don't always use "full sentences".  Short, punchy phrases need to carry the message.
    • Simple
      Successful politicians learn this early (or they fail).  Vocabulary needs to be simple. Concepts need to be crystal clear, black or white.  Effective marketing copy is written so that a 4th or 5th grader can understand it without effort.  And this type of simple language works just as well whether you're trying to reach PhDs or high school dropouts.
    • The Tease
      Effective writing always needs to be an act of seduction.  It's the only way to get someone to keep on reading.  Which means the "art of the tease" is everything.  One tease after another after another.What is an effective tease?  It's one that plays on the emotions to promise a "reward" for staying engaged with your message (and your company)